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How to Write a Blog in 2021: The Beginners Guide

How to Write a Blog in 2021: The Beginners Guide

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How to write can be subjective and everybody has a unique style they enjoy writing in. Personally, I enjoy writing in a way that let’s me relate to the reader and be looser in the way I present information.

My goal with this guide is to demonstrate the mechanics of writing and get you beyond the standard tutorial. You don’t need an ultimate guide or a guru’s guide. You are new to writing and blogging in general. You need a…Beginner’s Guide.

Table of Contents

A Beginner’s Guide

This guide will focus on guiding you through some tips and tricks by full-time freelance writers. I hope to show you the secrets of writing catchy headlines, captivating introductions, informative advice, and motivational conclusions!

Let’s get started!

Writing a Headline

So, your headline is the title of your blog/article. A lot of new blog writers will dive straight into writing the meat of the article.


Outline your article first. Start from the title of your article, proceed through a general guide of what you want to cover in the body, and finish with a closing statement. This step shouldn’t take you very long. Maybe 30 minutes to a few hours depending on if you need to research the material first.

How do I write a headline?

Focus on writing about a topic that solves a problem. This is the number 1 tip I can give any new writer. People won’t read what you write if it serves no purpose. You don’t have an audience yet and so you need content that convinces someone to read what you write.

For example:

“How saving money makes me rich.”

This headline doesn’t say much and I wouldn’t feel compiled to really read it.

Now let’s try adding some excitement to it.

“How saving $1000 a month and investing in stocks made me rich at 40.”

Okay, now we are talking. We are tackling a pain point about finance and saving money. We are targeting a demographic that has some familiarity with stocks. I also included an age because that hones in on people who are younger to maybe start thinking about ways they might be able to retire by 40 by investing their money.

We want to provide a solution to a problem people have and sometimes we can create a situation where they might not have been thinking about that problem but now you introduce a solution in the title. Enticing them to read about the tips you might provide them in the article.

Copying the Pros

Alright. You aren’t that creative yet and maybe you learn best by observing. That’s easy!

There are millions of articles out there and you can learn how pros write titles for their posts. Artists copy famous pieces until they get good enough to create their own works. So, you should do this as a writer!

I’m not saying intentionally steal word for word a title. Make it your own if possible.

Most articles you see have a pattern to how they are titled. “how to…” or “Top 10…” titles are very common and work for a reason. Don’t mess with decades of science! Follow along and add your twist to titles. It isn’t that complicated and you will realize how simple an effective title can be for your growth.

Practicing Headlines

Let’s go through some more examples before moving on.

Here is a long winded title:

“How to turn your life around after wasting your 20s drinking and partying.”

Okay, not bad, but how can we condense this?

“How to fix your life after wasting your 20s.”

Looking good! What else can we do to give it more punch?

“How to continue your life after bad choices in your 20s.”

My homework for you is to create random headlines of various lengths and try to condense them down. Look at alternative ways of saying something through the use of a thesaurus. You might even learn new vocabulary!

Be Consistent With Your Style

Don’t suddenly change up your style out of the blue. You might alienate your readers.

Be careful going from writing,

“How to make apple pie the right way!”


“How apple pie is done wrong and why you should stop NOW!”

The dramatic change of style can be harmful and it is just a tip to be wary of doing so.

Writing an Introduction

Unless you are writing a strictly informative piece that needs to be “boring”. Don’t introduce your readers to stats that read like paint drying on a wall.

Nobody wants to read “80% of people fail to do this one thing…” There is a time and place for this content but if you are writing a blog for an audience. Don’t scare them away.

I like to write a lot of my articles focused on being on an even playing field as my audience. Sort of like being inside a conversation. I want to show empathy through my writing. I believe this is a great way to get your point across while allowing room for discussion.

This isn’t the only emotion you can trigger while writing though. You can go through the array of emotions like, fear, anger, joy, hope, love, or sadness. When you are in the writing “mode”, get into a character. Be that character when you write so that you can keep your consistency in style.

How do I get readers to continue reading my article?

You need to draw them to your content quickly so that they feel more commitment to read everything.

Accelerate the pace of your writing until they reach the point where you want them to take their time reading.

I enjoy doing this through short sentences or questions and breaking into the next line. Instead of writing a giant paragraph. I feel this method makes readers feel as if they progressing at a good pace.

Keep in mind that you should keep your introduction short and to the point. Let your new readers coming in from Google that you mean business and are going to give them the content they came for.

If your introduction is too long, those readers will hit the back button and never return.

Writing the Content

Time to really show the reader why they came to read.

Take advantage of subheaders!

People love to scan through content to find the information they need or want to learn about. It can also be useful to have a table of contents in the beginning of your article to fast track your reader to the main content.

Some people digest content in a fast manner so I like giving options for everyone.

I recommend having a subheader every couple paragraphs to really keep your content streamlined for yourself and the reader.

Be Generous in your Advice

I don’t necessarily hate the game or how a lot of bloggers try to write article with just a tiny piece of meat on the bone. It feels scummy and most times it is because they have a course or paid coaching they want readers to purchase.

I’m not saying to give away all the content for free. You definitely need to save a little if your business model involves premium content. The general rule should be around 90% free content and 10% of premium content that is behind a paywall.

If you are going to offer a solution to a problem, give the readers what they deserve and if you have an extra 1 or 2 tips. Maybe include that in a paid course if it offers “value”.

Writing a Conclusion

Keep it simple and concise.

This is the time to motivate your readers. This is also a good time to promote a product or service. Perhaps you have another article that is relevant. Include that too.

Don’t include new tips or information. Only include relevant side pieces that can add value.

Publishing Your Article

Now that you finished writing your article. It is time to publish for the world to see!


Now you should take a break for 10 minutes. Then come back and read through what you wrote. You will catch a ton of spelling or grammar mistakes.

Your goal at this stage is too just polish up your content so it is nice and shiny for everyone to see.

Where to Publish My Blog?

I recommend using WordPress. I use a super affordable hosting platform called, Bluehost. They have a one click installation for WordPress and you can instantly have your website online and start writing within 10 minutes.

If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t worry. Bluehost customer support is amazing and they have always solved my problems quickly. I use them for most of my sites and couldn’t be happier for the quality of service at the price point they provide.

Final Conclusion

So this is my closing statement on the article. I hope these tips help you with your writing. I specifically cut out more than half of what I originally wrote because I realized nobody wants to read a book.

I try to focus on giving information that is easy to digest and easy to understand at a glance.

I hope you can take this information and add it your own writing and show the world what you got. I look forward to seeing it!

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